An Interesting Point About Incentives

I was just reading a Telegraph article about the biodiesel industry in Europe (link), under the title "Tough Times Ahead for the Biodiesel Sector". While the title is a little misleading (the article is really about the failures of one type of business model), there are some good points made. Here's a salient section:

"There is a also the impact of a reward system embedded in European regulation, whereby if biodiesel is made from used cooking oil, refiners blending fuel can double-count it to reach their biofuel targets. The idea is to incentivise them to use up a waste product, but the downside is that it reduces biodiesel demand."

I personally like the idea that you encourage the more sustainable business model at the expense of the greater industry if necessary. I'm curious how other people feel about that.

Check Out Our Grant Proposal

Click on the following link to download a pdf file of our grant proposal, minus appendices (about 30 pages):

Here's the project description, from the title page:

Yokayo Biofuels, an industry veteran with over 10 years experience, produces and distributes biodiesel. The main goals of this project are to build a safer, expanded biodiesel production plant, with a lower carbon footprint, while creating jobs, improving air quality, and improving the local economy. Infrastructure improvements include new structures, piping, offices, and bioswales for stormwater runoff. These upgrades are complimentary to process improvements that validate production expansion by improving the business model. Through a partnership with Piedmont Biofuels, and the addition of an enzymatic biodiesel production process which incorporates Piedmont’s FAeSTER skid unit, Yokayo Biofuels will be able to model a safer, greener, and more economically sustainable way of doing business that can withstand the ebb and flow of government incentives and market conditions. There will be a sizable increase in energy efficiency, 100% elimination of process water input, higher biodiesel yield, elimination of a hazardous material from the process, and generation of a sellable co-product. More biodiesel will be generated for the California marketplace, and the feedstock from which it is produced will all be low carbon. By doing all of this, Yokayo Biofuels will realize the CEC’s goal of reducing GHG emissions and petroleum fuel demand, while enhancing the local economy and inspiring the public about what is possible!

Yokayo California Energy Commission Grant Proposal

On Thursday, I delivered our Grant Proposal, "A Catalyst for Success", to the offices of the California Energy Commission in Sacramento. We're looking for $1.9M as part of a $5M project to improve, upgrade and expand Yokayo's operation. The most exciting part of the process involves a partnership with Piedmont Biofuels to utilize their enzymatic biodiesel process. I encourage you to read more about it at their website,

The CEC will be posting the grant proposals within the coming days. I'll provide a link when ours is up. If you're into this kind of thing, it may make good reading.

Yokayo Biofuels is hiring a BOOKKEEPER

Be a critical part of the values-driven culture at
Yokayo Biofuels, and put your skills to work
protecting the earth and our local fuel supply.

Duties include:

Pay bills and make deposits
Monthly and Quarterly Tax Returns
Reporting to Government Agencies
Maintenance of accounts
Lower management; reports to CFO
(payroll outsourced)


5 yrs+ full-cycle bookkeeping exp
Top level Quickbooks proficiency
Accounting degree is a plus
Excellent communicator
Long-term commitment

32 hrs/week, $30k/yr + benefits
send resume and a paragraph on why
you want to work for us to:

Fax: 707-462-1068

Respond by February 24, 2012

Regarding the lack of blogging

My holidays were quite a busy period, and with Jenifer doing an excellent job over at the Yokayo Facebook page, this blog has been a wee bit neglected.

As it is, there is certainly a lot to talk about, but I'm not sure how important this platform (a livejournal blog) is at this point. I'd like to hear comments from readers on that question.


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A Little Holiday Fun

Recently, Stacy brought in a bunch of mini pumpkins for us to decorate and display on our desks. Some are still being worked on. Tamara was the first to finish hers:

Pretty awesome, huh? I especially like the little flies. Nancy is in the office next door to Tamara, and here is her pumpkin:

Kinda looks like she wants to make pie out of YOU! Here's Barry's sport-themed squash:

Complete with facemask! And here's my entry into the fray: