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A re-post of an old one

Dear people who may potentially call and/or e-mail me looking for friendly consulting,

While I wish you tremendous luck in your endeavor, I unfortunately am pretty well tied up here, and that prohibits me from giving people the kind of help they ask for. However, I would encourage you to make use of the following resources. (click on the links for more info or to order from a supplier)


For understanding more about both sides (big/unsustainable, small/sustainable) of the industry, there are these two books:
Biodiesel, Growing a New Energy Economy, by Greg Pahl

Biodiesel Power, The Passion, the People, and the Politics of the Next Renewable Fuel, by Lyle Estill

For understanding more about how to build a biodiesel business, there is this book:
Building a Successful Biodiesel Business, by John Van Gerpen, Rudy Pruszko, Davis Clements, Brent Shanks & Gerhard Knothe

For technical information:
The 2004 Biodiesel Handling and Use Guidelines, by K. Shane Tyson
(excellent and FREE)

The Biodiesel Handbook, by Gerhard Knothe, Jon Van Gerpen, and Jürgen Krahl

For homebrewing information:
Biodiesel Homebrew Guide, by Maria "Mark" Alovert

The Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial Website

Infopop Biodiesel Forum

For general everything-else discussions:
Biodieselnow.com Forums


And those, my friend, are the secrets to my success.